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Hello, beautiful soul!

Welcome to the Psychedelic Curious Journal. This week I’m sharing a short video with some background info on Albert Hofmann’s discovery of LSD and his ‘intentional’ acid trip way back on April 19, 1943.

Hofmann later explored a variety of psychoactive compounds and found that they could be potent tools for our evolution and healing.

What about prescription medication interactions with psilocybin?

Some anti-depressants are thought to decrease the efficacy of psilocybin.

Some people find that anti-depressants, like SSRIs for example, leave them feeling flat, numb or emotionally blunted. This often inspires them to look at microdosing magic mushrooms. If this is the case for you, you should certainly consider tapering off of antidepressants before or while microdosing under the supervision of your doctor. You can check out Dr. Ben Malcolm’s site for helpful information on tapering.

🍄🌵Disclaimer: This journal is for information and harm reduction purposes only. Note that psilocybin and LSD are classified as Schedule I substances under the United Nations 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances and are illegal in most countries.

I do not condone the purchase, possession, sale, or consumption of any illegal substances. And I do not advocate for, endorse, or intend for this material to be used to violate federal law.

Need emotional support during or after a psychedelic experience? 

Fireside Project Is a nonprofit that operates the Psychedelic Peer Support Line. They provide free, confidential peer-to-peer emotional support to people in the midst of psychedelic experiences or processing past psychedelic experiences. You can reach out to them every day from 3pm to 3am PT by phone or text message (62-FIRESIDE | +1 623-473-7433) or mobile app. Their mission is to help people minimize the risks and fulfill the potential of their psychedelic experiences.



If you’d like to work with me privately to prepare for or integrate your psychedelic journeys, get in touch by replying to this email or visit this link.

I currently help people prepare for their travel to countries where it is legal to sit in ceremony with ayahuasca or yagé, magic mushrooms and more. In virtual mentoring sessions I also facilitate the integration of psychedelic experiences.

Note: I do not give advice on where to purchase these substances, so please do not ask! Depending on which country, city and state you live in, it may be best to grow your own mushrooms for private use. Learn more about that here with course info from the good folks at DoubleBlind magazine.


Curious to know why I decided to get certified in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and why we are featuring breath work in our In8Vitality retreats to create non-ordinary states of consciousness? Watch this video where I explained the healing I’ve received with the aid of sacred plants and fungi.

Feel free to email me with your questions or content suggestions.


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