Short Meditations to Boost Mental Resilience

 In burnout

Research shows that as little as 8 minutes of meditation twice per day is enough to begin the process of re-wiring your brain for greater focus, peace and mental resilience.

I know that carving out big pockets of time for yourself is hard for most people, and so this magic number of 8 minutes is the time I have designed my Attunement Process meditations to, making them easier for a busy person to fit into the day.

Here are two for you to download and enjoy for free – no email required.  Just hit the buttons and save the MP3 to your device.

I hope you can start to incorporate meditation and self-care into your daily routine.  These small changes make a big difference over time, allowing you to become the most resilient version of yourself.

It’s time to break free from the fear of admitting that we’re human and we need to rest and care for ourselves.

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