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In this special Ask the Author interview, Dr. Andrea asks pediatrician, author and TEDx speaker, Dr. Lulu, to tell us what parents or family members should look for, how to ask someone if they’re considering suicide, and why this taboo topic needs more attention.

Teen suicide has been a topic of conversation among doctors and parents since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic and extreme social isolatino.

Dr. Lulu (Uchennah Umeh, MD) is a board certified Pediatrician with nearly 30 years of clinical experience. She offers Life-saving advice & solutions for teenagers and families. She is on a mission to end bullying, child, teen and young adult depression and suicide.

Dr. Lulu also offers coaching for parents to help them accept and support their LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 children. 

When it comes to suicide prevention, Dr. Lulu believes we MUST TALK to save lives:

T is for Tuning into the right radio frequency of your child.
A is for Asking the right questions. Ask what happened, not why are you sad.
L is for Listening to their responses, to words said and unsaid.
K is to Keep communication lines wide open!

Most of us think that asking a teen about their mood might prompt them to commit suicide, Dr. Lulu says it’s the opposite.

Dr. Lulu’s bestselling book, How to Raise Well Rounded Children is out now.

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