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In our first Masterclass in the Stress & Burnout Survival Series, we explored the many ways that stress, overwhelm and burnout impact the brain. From our moods, outlook on life and risk for chronic disease, we took a deep look at the brain chemistry of stress. And I enjoyed answering questions from our live viewers from all around the world.

If you missed it, you can still check it out!

How Stress Impacts Our Hormones Causing Mood & Memory Problems

One of the challenges with chronic stress and emotional exhaustion is that our will power and motivation also takes a nose dive. Without feeling the drive and passion for life, every task, interaction and movement can feel like a burden.

The type of depression that accompanies stress and overwork is often tied to adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances. And this can often be misdiagnosed and mistreated with antidepressant medication, which doesn’t address the root cause.

This video includes one part of a deeper conversation I had with Dr. Jill Stocker, an expert in hormone optimization and adrenal fatigue. She’s not only helping thousands of people enhance their performance and zest for life, she’s been on the receiving end of the same rebalancing I’m talking about.

In Masterclass 2 I will take your questions live and provide comprehensive teaching about Adrenal Fatigue and other hormone imbalances which may cause you to be misdiagnosed with depression, bipolar or even Alzheimer’s dementia.

☞ Be sure to check out Masterclass Session 2Be free of depression & improve memory and motivation. 👀

Learn more about Jill’s story by reading her chapter in Time to Rise.

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