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In the first Masterclass in the Stress & Burnout Survival Guide I introduced you to my inspiring friend and colleague, Karan Joy Almond. Her recovery from fibromyalgia, pain killer addiction, lyme disease and multiple illnesses and toxicities is inspiring and proves that we have an incredible potential for recovery and flourishing! Here we explore more of her personal journey. 

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Karan Joy Almond is an Integrative Patient and Family Advocate.  Karan is available to act as a resource and guide for those who are challenged by trauma and illness.  Karan’s professional and personal healthcare experience with complex health challenges makes her qualified to understand the issues that are unique to patients, families, and practitioners.

Karan Joy is a retired RN with broad experience that includes neonatal/pediatric, infectious disease, oncology, transplant, and cardiac specialties.  Her greatest sense of accomplishment came from working with hospice patients and families who wished to make the crossover experience one that the loved ones could recall with a sense of peace.   

Today, Karan considers herself to be a student of life with a degree in perseverance. What she learned from her own journey through a 20 yr debilitating illness and recovery from oral and systemic health challenges is rarely taught in nursing or medical school.  Karan is an advocate of conventional treatment, when appropriate. However, she does not consider pharmaceuticals and surgery to be a first line treatment when there are less expensive options that accomplish the one thing that is critical to recover; First, Do No Harm.  

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