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We have all strayed from our life’s path and our soul’s true calling.  It’s to be expected when society and the need to ‘grow up’ pulls us in a certain direction – typically towards a career that will pay the bills!

Do you remember these conversations with you parents from your teenage year?  If you were a performer like me, or an artist or healer, then your parents will likely have, in a totally well-meant way, steered you towards a more traditional career path.

Of course (the vast majority of) parents have your best interests at heart and were never trying to crush your dreams.  They will only have been thinking of your financial stability.  But these messages we get from a young age to tend to pull us away from our soul’s path of what we’d really love to do with our time on planet earth.

Personally, I dreamt of performing.  Music and acting were so inspiring to me.  And to some degree I did end up acting, but not on the stage.  Rather I found myself acting ‘okay’ and even ‘happy’, when I was feeling empty on the inside.  After many years of overworking in a career that fascinated me, but left me missing out on the creativity that lights me up, I had become a functional depressive.

My story of becoming who I really am is one I have shared from the TEDx stage, as well as in books, and in numerous interviews.  It’s a story that resonated with many people, as it’s such a familiar one.  I think almost all adults of my generation in the Western World know how it feels to really compromise how you show up in the world, just to satisfy our societal conditioning.

How many of us are medicated, just to get us through each day?

It’s scary when we look at it through this lens. This is why I’m so passionate about helping people to embrace who they really are through the #RealSelfLoveMovement.

So let’s think about this from the angle of dealing with the causes of unhappiness and dissatisfaction, rather than simply sticking a Bandaid on things. How about getting back in touch with who you came to this planet to be, before society and life took the wheel?

I designed my Cornerstone Process to give you a simple framework for this. Along with principles from the Diamond Life Design framework, this guidance is in the updated and expanded Real Self Love Handbook, which comes out for my birthday, November 9th!

I actually got to celebrate my birthday a little early with my soul family at America Meditating! In the picture above I’m with Sister Dr. Jenna, and Karena Virginia whom I’m co-hosting another Inner Bliss Outer Glow retreat with next spring – watch this space for more on that!

The new Real Self Love Handbook is available for pre-order now, so if you’d like to get a copy, head here to see it on Amazon.

And do come and join in with our free Facebook community – we are a friendly bunch in here!

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