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From my first career as a medical doctor, and my years of mentoring and working with many other entrepreneurs, I have seen a lot of people burnout.  But I’ve also come to understand what is different about those who don’t burn out – even with really busy lives.

There are 10 key traits that highly resilient people have that keeps them from falling victim to the dreaded burnout that is so prevalent in our society today.

These 10 traits are the framework for the next co-authored book that we are publishing very soon – watch this space!

With the release of the Top 10 Traits of Highly Resilient People in 2020, the authors and I have been buzzing about the topic and wanted to start sharing a few things now, before the book even comes out.

Below you can read the top ten traits list, so that you can think about which ones you already have, and which ones you might like to work on for yourself.

Let’s break down those top 10 traits


Having insight means being able to see beyond the surface, or see the bigger picture. This can be insight into external things, like work-situations or how other people behave.

This can also mean being insightful about yourself, so perhaps recognising when you are slipping in a negative thought pattern – sometimes also called Meta-cognition (the practise of thinking about your thinking).


When we are rigid and set in our ways, life can feel full of inconveniences and stress. Being flexible and adaptable allows you to roll with the changes and make the most of opportunities.


Persistent people don’t give up on challenges and goals. We are resilient enough to keep going after what we need and want.


Without these traits we can be irritable and easily offended. Looking at life through a compassionate lens makes our whole outlook brighter.


How many successful pessimists do you know? I will leave that thought to take root…


Having a calm confidence allows you to rise above the detrimental effects of anxiety and stay grounded throughout your day.


Negative Self-Talk can really grind down your mental resilience. When you take a knock in life, and the mean little voice in your head starts to tell you that it was because you weren’t good enough, then you can immediately slide down a mental slippery slope. Positive self-talk keeps you where you need to me.


Even the biggest introverts among us need connection – it’s a basic human need. When you stay connected to positive people you have the benefit of their good vibes, influence and energy. Resilient people know who to stay connected with, and who to let go with love when negativity is draining their battery.


Have you ever tried to boost your positive emotions with a little hack, such as playing your favourite song loudly and dancing around your kitchen? Resilient people have the insight (#1) to notice when they are a bit down, and to actively turn that around.

Emotions aren’t just a passive experience – you have more control than you might have thought so give the dancing a try!


Knowing your life purpose and finding ways to bring it into all areas of your life is an amazing thing to do for your soul. When you have a reason to be here, you will be here more fully and happily.

So there you have it, the top ten traits for you to consider. I hope you find something in the list that gives you a boost when you apply it to your own life.

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