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When we feel unsafe the nervous system keeps us in fight, flight, freeze & appease mode. Which is fine if we have to attend to an emergency for a short time.
But the stress response can dampen our immune system putting us at increased risk of getting sick. It can even turn some immune cells into hyper vigilant warriors and trigger autoimmune disease.

As soon as we stabilize our environment as much as we can, it is wise to tell our brain that we are safe, so that we can turn on the relaxation response to boost recovery.

As often as you need to, create your own sense of calm by visiting a safe place in your mind. Go to your bedroom, the bathroom or somewhere that allows you just a few minutes of alone time and listen to this guided meditation to mentally retreat to a safe place.

You can visualize it in your mind even without listening to this audio. Take five deep breaths and imagine that you’re in a space that is safe, where your needs are taken care of, and you are cared for and protected.

You can practice the compassion meditation once you’re mentally in your safe place, and it’s a great way to get still and calm before doing inner child work (more on that in a separate video)

Please share this with others who are finding it hard to calm down and release stress.
The more we practice calm the better equipped we will be to address big emergencies.
Your brain needs rest. Your mind needs peace. You have the resources within you to attain them.

You can listen to the Safe Space & Relaxation Place guided meditation anytime you need to connect to a calm state of mind, no matter what’s going on in the outside world. It’s short yet powerful enough to help you create a peaceful state of mind & body for healing & clarity.

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