Inner Bliss, Outer Glow Workshop, Scotts Valley, CA – September 2018

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I am so excited about coming back to California this month, and co-hosting another retreat-style workshop at 1440 Multiversity in beautiful Scotts Valley!

Eager to repeat the experience we had at the last Inner Bliss, Outer Glow workshop, we started planning the next one straight away – and it’s happening this month! We will be at 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, California for 5 nights, September from 23rdto 28th.

Over the 5 days we will be leading you on a journey to healing from past traumas including sexual abuse, working on your confidence in intimate relationships, building your resilience and boosting your vibration to invite miracles into your world.

It comes as no surprise that unhealed past trauma can permeate our spirit, rob us of our natural radiance, and create barriers to feelings of inner peace. But when do we take the time to really heal fully?

Our day-to-day lives are so busy and packed with responsibility – it can feel almost impossible to take enough time to really reconnect with yourself. I’m not talking about a ten-minute break here and there. I’m talking about taking the time for deep reflection, conversation, and working on what you most need to work on.

This is what I love the most about retreat-style workshops. Being removed from your daily life gives you that extra space to think deeper in more peaceful surroundings. Our workshop is the ideal safe space to do just that.

If old wounds have been keeping you from living, loving, and flourishing in the world like you want to, then this is for you.

If you would like to get more of a feel for what’s on offer, Karena and I recorded this short video at the end of the last workshop.
▶️ Watch it here, or scroll down to the video below.

There are some lovely accommodation options in the Multiversity’s beautiful grounds. This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with yourself, unwind, and start feeling grounded again.

There are still a few places left, head here for the details.

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